Selection of Mini Tart & Quiche

AED 150.00
  • VAT Exclusive.
  • 100% secured payments.
  • 24 hours notice required.
  • Earn 150 Meshopp points.


Select Your Favorite Mini Tart & Quiche. 3 Pieces in Every Portion. Price for 10 Portions, Enough for 10 People.

  • Quail Egg Mimosa: 3 pieces of toast or blinis, quail egg mimosa, chive.
  • Toast or Blinis Cecina Datterino: 3 pieces of Toast or blinis, Cecina, datterino, chervil. 
  • Tartelette with Eggplant: 3 pieces of Tartelette with eggplant, lemon confit and mint.
  • Mini Tart Tomato: 3 pieces. Mini tart, tomato concass√©, asparagus, black olive, goat cheese. 
  • Onion Compote Anchovy: 3 pieces of mini tart, onion compote, anchovy.
  • Mini Tart Guacamole: 3 pieces of mini tart, guacamole, piquilloes, coriander, sunrise tomato.
  • Mini Tart Foie Gras: 3 pieces of mini tart, foie gras, mango chutney. 
  • Mini Tart Egg Pant Caviar: 3 pieces of mini tart, egg pant caviar, basil, baby artichoke, pecorino. 
  • Mini Tart Goat Cheese: 3 pieces of mini tart Goat cheese & caramelized balsamic onion. 
  • Mini Tart Cocktail Shrimp: 3 pieces of mini tart cocktail, shrimp.
  • Mini Tart Burrata: 3 pieces. Mini tart burrata, botarga, white balsamic glaze.
  • Mini Quiche Tartiflette: 3 pieces of mini quiche tartiflette.
  • Mini Quiche Smoked Salmon: 3 pieces of mini quiche smoked salmon. 
  • Mini Quiche Onion: 3 pieces of mini quiche onion.
  • Mini Quiche Mushrooms: 3 pieces of mini quiche mushrooms.
  • Mini Quiche Leek: 3 pieces of mini quiche leek. 
  • Mini Quiche Goat Cheese: 3 pieces of mini quiche goat cheese. 
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