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There is no doubt that your locality must be having several cake shops. But let us say you do not have enough time to visit the local store and order a cake. Or let us say that you're invited to a celebration, and you had to bring the cake to the party, but you got trap in the last-minute meeting. You don't have to worry is here to help you out. We are one of the reliable Online Cake Shop in UAE. Our online store connects you with all your favorite bakers in Dubai, offers their huge selection of their cakes, and you can get them delivered to your place or directly at the party location.

Also, you have the option to customize your party cake in just few clicks and get the price directly from the baker in minutes. Just choose your favorite baker, select the cake’s flavor and size, upload the design image you want to put on the cake and send it directly to the baker. The baker will confirm your order, send it to your shopping cart along with the price, all in just few minutes ready for checkout.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the trusted Dubai Cake Delivery Service, always ready to help you with your delivery requests. We operate throughout Dubai that makes us the best choice for an online cake delivery service in Dubai.

Other benefits offered by us

Door Step Delivery- We make sure that the cake is delivered to you without even stepping outside of your house, it reduces your efforts, and you're able to do other important tasks. You can also request us to deliver the cake to the party location too.

Mid Night Delivery- Since we are an online shop operating 24*7, means you can order your favourite cake at any time, even at midnight, and we will be ready to assist you with your order.

Convenience- This is perhaps the most obvious reason to choose us. You can purchase any cake you need from any place in Dubai. Since you don't need to go to the cake shop, and so you don't have to wait for your turn.

Broad Range- offers a wide category of cakes. Our sorting preference has been organized in an order based on taste, kind, etc. There is a large variety of cakes available at affordable rates.